Our Company

Welcome to Southern Sun Consulting’s WordPress blog! Here you will learn all about our company culture and what makes our San Antonio-based team so unique. We strongly believe at our firm that a work environment should be productive and professional, but always fun! We do not stare at four walls of a cubicle all day; each day is different from the next!

Our team is friendly and energetic.

Walking around the office, you won’t see tired, mopey faces. As strange as it may sound, people actually enjoy coming into work at Southern Sun Consulting. They enjoy seeing their co-workers each morning, they enjoy the team-building games we play to wake everyone up, and most importantly, they’re excited to continue their progression. As competitive as we are (many of our team members are former athletes), the environment is always team-oriented, rather than cut-throat. We dub ourselves a “people helping people business,” which means that we don’t succeed as individuals without first succeeding as a team. Southern Sun Consulting is a close-knit group, and we get together each week outside of the office for team bonding and fun!

Learning and mistakes are always encouraged.

Southern Sun Consulting is known for its Management Training Program in which individuals begin their training in an entry level marketing role and progress into leadership and management roles as they continue the course of their training. We encourage all participants to not just get their feet wet but fully jump in! As with anything new, this means lots of mistakes and then lots of learning. Our management team at Southern Sun Consulting has the back of every trainee. No one gets his head bitten off when an error is made. Instead, we view it as a coaching opportunity. We respect and appreciate honest mistakes, and we recognize the importance of mistakes in the growing process.