New Year Resolution Ideas with Southern Sun Consulting

The countdown to the new year has officially begun here at Southern Sun Consulting, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Why? Because 2020 is going to be an excellent year for us! We know that this sounds very “new year, new me,” but we have action items to back up these goals. To achieve consistent growth, you have to do more than wish for it; you have to put in the work, and that is precisely what we plan on doing! Today, we are going to share a few New Year resolution ideas with you as motivation to kick start the new year off on the right foot. Remember, change is a good thing as long as you have a plan and a strong work ethic!

Start a meditation practice
Okay, you have your 2020 goals written out and planned. You are excited about your fresh start and can hardly wait to put your plan into action. However, we urge you to get your mentality in order before you dive in head-first. Do you tend to overload your plate? Do you always attempt to solve all of your problems on your own? Then, we recommend that you start a meditation practice. By taking time each day to reconnect with yourself, you are guaranteeing lower levels of stress and anxiety!

We know that this resolution idea leaves a lot up for interpretation, and that is precisely what we were going for! In the new year, we encourage you to think more about your health. Join a local sports team, visit state parks on the weekends, or even set a daily step goal. A resolution is simply a concrete goal that you aim to pursue throughout the year consistently. Why not let it focus on creating a healthier, happier you? Enjoy the great outdoors, improve your health, and give your body the resources that it needs to be successful in and out of the office!

Read more books
Slow your scroll! We know that a large number of our readers enjoy our blogs because they are short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t allow this mentality to stop you from learning in 2020. If books are not your thing, then listen to an audiobook in the car, at the gym, or even while lounging on the couch. There is so much knowledge out there just waiting for you to find it. If you are heading into the new year feeling as if you’re not on the same intellectual level as your colleagues, do something about it!

Well, that’s it! Those are our three top resolution ideas for 2020. Each of these practices will be put to use here in our office at Southern Sun Consulting, and we encourage you to do the same. Make it a habit to think about your mental and physical health, as well as self-development. Only you can control your future. If you are not happy with where you are in life right now, set a goal, and get to work. This is the mentality that our team is taking into the new year and is the reason why we are feeling confident about our odds in 2020!

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