Creating a Work-Life Balance

Is there really such a thing as a “work/life balance”?

First, YES– there is! However, this balance is different for everyone and that is very important to remember. For example, parents will have different needs in regards to work/life balance than people starting their first career outside of college. Furthermore, an entrepreneur starting up their lifetime passion is going to look at work differently than someone who hates their job or someone who is merely working an in-between position until they pursue their next career. Trust us, all of this matters when attempting to find that balance. This is something we discuss in detail with our team here at Southern Sun Consulting!

Why do these details matter?

When you truly love what you do, you don’t always see it as work. You are passionate to learn new skills and perfect your craft. Your friends may tell you that you work too much. Don’t worry, we hear it often!

-They’ll tell you to take a break.

-That you’re going to burn out.

-That you can’t go on like this forever.

Sometimes people fall into the trap of listening to other people and their opinions. DON’T DO IT; not if you love what you do. Don’t let someone else hold you back from making outstanding progress.

Don’t listen when your friends tell you that you are working too hard when they hate their jobs and their boss and leave early every day to get to happy hour. If you love what you do, then do it, and when your friends tell you that you work too hard, tell them you enjoy it. Everyone balances differently!

What is key to remember is the lens that you are looking through! If you love what you are doing and learning, then work never feels like work. Hanging out with your coworkers brainstorming about a project after hours or getting a drink is not considered work to you. It’s different when you are passionate about what you are working to accomplish.

To create a work/life balance, you must be able to define what work-life balance is to you and then create a schedule to support that vision. Most importantly, you MUST be honest with yourself. You cannot say, “I want to be a partner in my company, and I want to work 9-5 every day and spend every night with my friends and family”. That won’t work. You are going to have to add in some time sacrifices. That’s a given.

You CAN, however, say that “I want to become a partner in my firm while still balancing my social life. I will schedule one night a week to spend with my friends without work interruptions that are a minimum of 2 hours and a night that is strictly for the family that is a minimum of 2 hours.”

What people tend to think is that everyone should have the SAME work-life balance. How can that work when we are all very different people? If you want different types of careers, there are going to be different types of sacrifices you have to make. Our team here at Southern Sun Consulting cannot tell you what to do or what kind of work-life balance you should have. We can’t even begin to define that for you. What we will tell you to do is look within yourself and define what balance means in your life.

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