Welcoming Summer at Southern Sun Consulting

Summer brings us an exciting new season, beautiful weather, and a resurgence of motivation in the office. Something about the transition into summer seems to bring the busy professional an awakened sense of work ethic, ushering in new goals and stricter routines. Here at Southern Sun Consulting, we’ve compiled our top fourteen tips for the busy professional to weave into their Summer routine.

  1. Coffee can’t be skipped, but trade in your pumpkin spice for a cold brew.
  2. Get excited about Summer style! Dress for success and start your day with some excitement by wearing bright colors and open-toed shoes.
  3. Are you too busy to keep up with the news? Consult the collection of podcasts on Spotify to educate yourself each day. The “WSJ Minute Briefing” will keep you updated, without throwing off your schedule.
  4. Maximize your commute. Trade in the Top 40’s for a news briefing (see tip 3).
  5. Write down your plans. Whether you prefer iCal or a Day Designer planner, a written calendar will help you juggle all of your meetings and Summer festivities.
  6. Summer brings us perfect outdoor weather. Take advantage by going on hikes and playing sports. Feeling good physically promotes great work.
  7. Don’t procrastinate, start with the hardest tasks and move on from there.
  8. Take advantage of “to-do” lists. Here at Southern Sun Consulting, we suggest a daily, weekly, and monthly “to-do” list.
  9. If you have trouble with time management, look at a computer service to help you. Our favorite is RescueTime.
  10. The Summer holiday season can get busy, so plan ahead. It’s never too early to start making travel plans; you will thank yourself later.
  11. Create your perfect work environment. If your coworkers are a distraction, pick up and move during periods of high workload.
  12. Take a lunch break. When you are looking at an unending pile of work, it can be easy to resort to working through lunch or skipping the break altogether. Take those 30 minutes to shut off. Trust us, this will increase your productivity and make your afternoon a breeze.
  13. Time yourself and remember that with a task at hand, any time wasted will always be made up later. Work now, save yourself later.
  14. Embrace the warmer weather, don’t be afraid to take your work outside. Beautiful weather and a positive environment will not only boost your mental health, but a change of scenery tends to promote productivity.

If there is one thing that we know for certain, it’s that Summer brings high spirits, which leads to increased work ethic and productivity. Hopefully, these tips will help you make the most of your time during these warmer months. We know that we can hardly wait to watch our team grow and prosper! From all of us here at Southern Sun Consulting, we wish all of you busy professionals a happy Summer 2019.

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