Meet Kassi Davis: Athlete, Leader, HR Manager

Southern Sun Consulting values one thing over all else: teamwork. That’s why this month we sat down with one of our best and brightest, Kassi Davis to discuss life, business, and growth. Davis is an HR Manager in the Southern Sun office. Born and raised in Nashville, Davis remembers her childhood self as an athletic, funny, and disciplined social butterfly. “My life was soccer, soccer, soccer,” says Davis, “travel soccer took up most of my time up until college. That competitive environment taught me about persistence and teamwork.” The lessons learned from her days as an athlete are the exact reason she has had such an influence on our team. Her constant motivation and drive to be better inspires the rest of the team to work at their best.

After high school graduation, Kassi Davis packed her bags and headed to college. She attended the University of Kentucky for a year before transferring to Volstate. “I was in college with I got the job as a sales rep,” says Davis, “after about a week of that I was given the opportunity to work as a recruiter. I had no idea I would end up in this field, but I knew I wanted to work with people, and luckily that is exactly what I have found myself doing.”

In January 2016, Kassi Davis began her career in the industry. “I thought the company was such a different environment than anything I was familiar with, but I really liked it,” says Davis, “it was simply great energy, a great environment, and great people. The office is full of driven young professionals all working as a team to achieve their goals and set themselves up for a great life.”

As for the lessons learned in her career, Davis can name a few. “I learned to always keep an open mind,” says the HR manager, “I learned that if you work HARD, it WILL pay off, even when you don’t feel like it will. I learned that being positive can get you further than you would ever think, attitude is so important. I can now talk to just about any one, especially in the business world.”

The HR manager is no stranger to the recruitment process, and in that vein, she has some advice. “The best skills you can bring into an opportunity are positivity, eagerness to learn and grow, and the ability to speak well,” says Davis, “when you submit a resume, be ready for a phone call. Nobody will get a good opportunity by pressing ignore. The opportunity is so amazing. Anyone can do it, you just have to want it bad enough.”

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